Site Managers

This section of the manual covers the day-to-day use of EdukaCMS focusing on tasks such as page creation and editing, news publishing, asset, user and module management.

Find out more about the different areas of the CMS below then use menu on the left to find out more about each task.


Find out how to add new pages to your website, edit existing pages, maintain your website's structure and rollback and archive content.


Discover how to add and edit news articles, create categories and mailing lists and rollback and archive articles.


Manage your website's assets with the EdukaCMS File Manager. Learn how to upload, replace, rename and delete files.


Take control of who uses your CMS and the content they can edit using roles and permissions.


Extend the functionality of your website to include additional modules for donations, a shopping cart and an events management system.

If you're looking for more advanced tasks like module setup, template creation or plugin information, see the Designers and Developers section.