File Management

The EdukaCMS Assets section allows you to manage all your website's files that are not pages or news articles, for example, images, documents and downloads.

The Assets Screen

Viewing Files

When you access the Assets tab you are shown a list of files associated with your website together with a tool panel. You can navigate the file system by clicking on folders and filenames. When you click on an image file, a preview will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Clicking on any filename will bring up the option to download the file.

Basic Tools

The Assets tab has a number of tools available to manage your website's files. Most of these are covered in their sections of the manual, but there are a couple of Basic Tools which are explained below.


The Refresh button reloads the file list to show any recent changes.

New Folder

To keep your website's files organised we recommend you use folders. This makes it easier to find files in the future and keeps your file system neat and uncluttered. To create a new folder click on the New Folder icon in the tool box. Type a name for the folder into the Folder Name box. When creating folders we recommend:

  • Use lowercase characters.
  • Do not use spaces. If you want to use multiple words, either run them together or use a - or _ instead of a space.
  • Be descriptive.

To create a sub-folder, select the folder you would like to place the sub-folder in and then click on the New Folder icon and repeat the steps above.

More Tools

Some tools require more detailed explanations and so have their own pages within the manual. Click on the name of the tool below, or in the sidebar, for more information: