Replace a File

If you need to replace or update a file, rather than delete then re-upload it, you can use the EdukaCMS Replace File feature.

Step 1: Select the File to Replace

Navigate through the File Viewer to locate the file you want to replace and select it by clicking on it. Once the file has been selected, click on the Replace File link in the toolbox.

Step 2: Find the New Version of the File

Click on Browse button to locate the new version of the file on your computer. Once you've found it click on the Replace button button.

Step 3: Replace & Publish

Once the file has been successfully replaced, you see a note asking you to Publish any pages which reference the file. Click on the Publish button button and wait for a message to say the replacement has been successful. When you go back to your website, all instance of the old file should be replaced with the new one.

When replacing a file, the filenames do not have to match. The CMS will be able to work out which image to replace and where to reference the new one through the asset's ID.