Upload Archive

Sometimes you may need to upload a large amount of files at once, which using the normal file upload process could take a long time. For these situations, the EdukaCMS features and Upload Archive facility. This allows you to upload a ZIP file containing any number of assets (images, documents, downloads), along with their file structure, directly into the Assets folder in one go.

Step 1: Choose where you want to place the files

Navigate through the File Viewer to locate the folder where you want the archived items to be extracted to. Once the folder has been selected, click on the Upload Archive link in the toolbox.

Step 2: Locate the archive file

Click on the Browse button button to find the archive file on your computer.

Step 3: Upload and extract the archive

Once you've located the archive file, click on the Upload & Extract button. This will extract the contents of the ZIP archive into the folder you selected, preserving and folders within the archive. Depending on the size of the archive, it may take a while to extract the files. Once done, you will see the files in the file viewer.