The Donations module is an optional add-on. Contact your web developer to discuss pricing and installationThe Donations module allows you to accept and monitor donations on your website.

View Donations

When you click on the Donations tab in the sidebar, you will see an overview of all the donations that have been made for the various fundraising programs you may have. If no donations have been made you will see a "No donations found" message.

The Donations screen

For each donation record, the following information is displayed:

  • Transaction ID - A unique identifier for each donation.
  • First Name - The first name of the person who made the donation.
  • Last Name - The last name of the person who made the donation.
  • Email - The email address of the person who made the donation.
  • Date - The date when the donation was made.
  • Fund Name - The name of the fund the donation was made to.
  • Amount - How much was donated.
  • Status - The status of the donation (Pending, Complete).
  • Comments - Whether the person making the donation left a comment.

Search Donations

It is also possible to search for donations from the View Donations screen. Just type a name, email address or transaction ID into the search box in the top right corner of the screen.

Edit Donations

Clicking on a donation in the overview list will take you to an edit screen where you can make changes to the information connected to the donation.

Edit Donations Screen

Payment Information

The payment information for the donation is shown in an orange box at the top of the screen. This panel allows you to edit the fund the donation is applied to and the status of the donation.

Options for the donation status are:

  • Pending - The donation is awaiting confirmation of payment.
  • Complete - Payment has been made and the donation is complete.
  • Unsuccessful - The donation transaction was unsuccessful due to declined payment.

Donor Information

The Donor Information panel contains the contact information of the person making the donation as well as any comments they may have left when they made the donation.


Each instance of the Donation module requires a Fund to be applied to it. A Fund is just a group to keep related donations together, such as Red Nose Day or Jane's Run for Cancer.

Add New Fund

To add a new fund, click on the Add New button button. This will take you to a screen asking for a name for your fund. Choose something that is specific and describes what you are collecting donations for. Click the Add button button when you're ready. The fund will now appear in the list.

Rename Fund

To rename a fund, just click on its name in the fund list, make your change and click the Save button button. This will change all instances of the fund's name, including for donations made in the past.


Once a fund has been created you can choose whether to hide or show it on your website, in a similar way to archiving by clicking on the Hide/Show button toggle button under the Active heading on the fund list. This is useful if you are running a seasonal fundraising campaign and only want the fund to be available at certain times.

To view hidden funds, click on View Active and select View All (Active/Inactive) then click on the Filter button button.