Add News

EdukaCMS includes a news management system which allows you to publish articles, sort them into categories and display them in date order. The system is quite versatile and can be used for a number of purposes beyond news through the use of templates.

Add News Screen

Step 1: Select a Template

Just like pages, a news article needs a template to be able to be displayed on the website. Select one from the available list. Your web designer will advise on which template to use if you are unsure. Contact us if you think you would like to add a new template.

To select a template, click on the name of the template you would like to use. The selected template will be highlighted with a black circle.

Step 2: Enter a Headline, Title and Summary

Once you've chosen a template you need to give your article a headline and title. These two things may seem like the same thing, but the CMS uses them in slightly different ways.


The article's headline is how the CMS refers to the page and is also what will appear on the news listing.


The article's title is used by the CMS to populate the title bar in your browser. Search Engines like Google and Bing also use the title of your article in their search results.

Step 3: Choose an Article Type

This is where you choose what kind of news article to add. There are two options - "Insert as Text" or "Attach a File". The two types are explained below.

Insert as Text

Articles that are inserted as text will act like a Page within the website. The content will be placed into a template and displayed as part of the website. You can apply styling and include links and images within the article.

Attach a File

Select this option if your news item is a PDF document you would like people to download to read. This option is often used for newsletters, reports and other long documents.

Wherever possible you should always choose to insert your news article as text. This will ensure your news article is more accessible to search engines resulting in better rankings for your website, which in turn makes it easier for people to find.

Step 4: Add the Content

Once you're ready click on the Next button button to start adding content. This will take you to the Edit News screen.