Categories make it possible to organise your news articles into related content groups. When you access the Categories screen you will see a list of the current categories along with their ID number and how many article are in each category.

The category ID is used when setting up the News List Plugin.

For information on applying a category to a news article see the Edit News section.

News Categories Screen

Add Category

Adding a category is simple. Just type the name of the category you would like to add to the news system in the Category Name box on the top right of the screen and click on the Add button button. Once a category has been added to the site it will appear in the list on the Categories landing page. You can also access categories from the Edit News screen.

Rename Category

To rename a category click on the Rename button button in the category list next the category you want to change.  This will transform the name of the category into an editable field. Type in the new name and click on Save button when you have finished.

Delete Category

To delete a category you are no longer using, click on the Delete button link next to the appropriate category. You will be asked if you're sure you want to delete the category. Choose Yes and the category will be removed from the system.

Deleting a category is permanent and doing so will remove the association between the category and the news articles within. The news items however will not be deleted.

Search Categories

If your website has a lot of categories, you can quickly locate the one you are looking for using the search facility in the top right corner. Just type the name of the category and press Enter. The CMS will return a list of appropriate categories.