Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists allow you to collect your website visitor's email addresses via a subscription form which you can then use to create lists and send out email alerts. For more information on email alerts, see Edit News.

Mailing Lists Screen

Add Mailing List

To add a Mailing List all you need to do is type a name into the Mailing List Name box under Add Mailing List on the top right of the Mailing List screen. Once you've decided on a name, click the Add button button. Your mailing list will now appear in the list on the left.

Rename Mailing List

To rename a Mailing List click on the Rename button button next the appropriate list. This will transform the Mailing List name into an editable field. Make your changes and click on Save button when you're done.

Edit Subscribers

Clicking on Edit Subscribers will take you to the Subscriber Management screen.

Subscriber Management Screen

Subscriber List

The Subscriber List, as its name suggest, shows a list of subscribers to your Mailing List. It is divided into two tabs: Active and Unsubscribed.


The Active tab shows a list of current subscribers. If there are no subscribers a note will be displayed.


The Unsubscribed tab shows a list of addresses for people who used to subscribe to your mailing list but no longer wish to receive emails. You can restore subscribers from here by clicking on the Resubscribe button.

When restoring unsubscribed accounts, make sure you have permission as you don't want to be accused of sending spam.

Quick Add

If you have just one or two addresses to add to your Mailing List, use the Quick Add form. You will need to enter an Email Address and Name for the subscriber. Click Quick Add button to complete the process. You will then see the new address appear in the Active Subscriber list.

Upload a List

If you already have a mailing list from a previous website or external system you can quickly transfer your list to the EdukaCMS by uploading a CSV file.

When setting up your CSV file make sure the first column holds subscriber's name and the second column holds their email address.

To upload the file, click on Choose File, find the file on your computer and click Upload file when ready. Your subscriber list will automatically be updated with new details.

Export to CSV File

If you would like to transfer your Mailing List to an external service such as Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp, you can export your subscriber list to a CSV file. Just click on the Download button button and the CSV file will be generated automatically.

Search Subscribers

If you're looking for a specific subscriber to edit or remove, you can use the search facility in the top right corner of the screen. Just enter the name or email address you're looking for and press Enter. The CMS will return a list of matching results.