The Dashboard is the main screen in EdukaCMS. When you first login , this is where you will find yourself. It provides an overview of your website including available tasks, a snapshot of your website, details of any draft pages or draft news items and access to your website's statistics.

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Available Tasks Main Menu

The most important part of the dashboard is the list of available tasks, also referred to as the main menu. It sits on the left-hand side of the screen and provides access to every area of the CMS.

Customising the Menu

You can reduce the size of the menu to give you more space to work by clicking on the icon above the menu. This will remove the text labels on the menu and just leave the icons.

Expanding the Menu

You can also expand the menu to show sub-sections by clicking on the icon next to each item. If the menu item does not have an arrow on it, there are no sub-sections.

Don't panic if your menu doesn't match the example screen above. Some sections of the CMS are only available to certain user levels. For more information see the Users section.

Site Snapshot

The Site Snapshot gives you a quick overview of your website by telling you how many pages, news articles and users are in the system. You can hide this panel by clicking on the small icon in the top right corner.

Draft Pages

The Draft Pages panel lists any pages that are currently being worked on, or have not been published to the website. By default, the list is displayed in alphabetical order (from A to Z) - you can reverse the order by clicking on the icon next to Pages.

You can click on the title of the page to make further edits or publish the page so it appears on the website. If there are a number of pages in draft mode and you're ready to publish them, you can click on the Publish All button.

If you're working on a page and you don't want it to be published accidentally you can lock the file by clicking on the lock file next to the page's name. When you're ready to publish the page, you can unlock it the same way.

Draft News

The Draft News panel does much the same as the Draft Pages panel. It lists any news items that are currently being working on, or have not been published to the website. Clicking on the title of a news item will take you to the Edit News screen. Like the Draft Pages panel, you can lock or unlock news articles by clicking on the icon .

Site Statistics

The Site Statistics panel takes you to an external website where you can see how your website is being used, how often people are visiting, what they're looking at and how they found your website. Much of this information is useful to see how effectively your website is performing, but it can also be used to see how successfully your marketing campaigns are generating traffic for your website.

You can hide this panel by clicking on the small icon in the top right corner.